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Have you ever thought about what kind of car you would get if you could pick anything at all? I used to think about what I would choose, and then after I received a pretty hefty inheritance, I realized that there were some things I needed to buy. I started by researching different vehicles that fit within my price range, and within a few weeks I had narrowed down the car that I really wanted. It was really amazing to talk with the dealer, get a great price for the car, and then drive it home. This blog is all about choosing a great new car.



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Troubleshooting Issues With Your Light Bar

If you have recently purchased and installed a tow truck light bar on the top roof of your truck, then you may be excited to start using it. However, during use, you may notice a few issues with the bar. Thankfully, most problems are easily solved, so keep reading to learn about some common problems and how they can be addressed. 

Moisture Inside The Light Lens

After a rainstorm or a period of rain that lasts several days, you may notice some fogging or condensation building inside the light. While most light bars are sealed and will prevent water from entering into the main area of the light, the seals can open a bit over time. This can cause water to penetrate the plastic. Also, since a wiring harness is required to provide the bar with electricity, an opening is present near this opening and water can infiltrate in this space. 

Since an opening is needed for water to enter, you can wait a few days for air to enter the same opening and to assist with evaporation. This will often occur within a few days. If water is pooling and you notice fluid building within the light bar and not leaving, then this is a sign that the bar needs to be resealed. The manufacturer of the bar can remove water and reseal it as well. 

If sealing is needed, make sure that the wires are examined during the process. Sometimes water will penetrate the wiring and cause some corrosion issues. You will typically see some light malfunction issues when this occurs though. 

Patterns Stop Working

One of the main features of a light bar is its ability to change patterns as the lights flash. However, you may see that patterns stop working and the bar may produce only a solid appearance. This can be problematic during hazardous situations where blinking or cascading lights are required. 

In many cases, patterns stop working when the light bar is not receiving as much power and electricity as it needs. There are several causes of this issue. A weak battery is one problem. If an external battery is present, then you may simply be able to change it. However, if an internal one is required for functionality, then the bar may need to be replaced entirely.

Sometimes wires can come loose from the main control box, especially if they are placed under stress and pulled constantly. Check all wires to make sure they are solidly in place. 

If you have no idea why your light bar is not working, then speak with either the manufacturer of the light or with a car professional.